In the last 10 years of being mayor, I’ve worked hard with this wonderful and active community to accomplish a tremendous amount for Marina. I ask for your vote so together we can continue to build a community that makes us ALL proud.
— Mayor Bruce Delgado

A decade of experience

10 years as Marina’s Mayor, 4 years as Marina City Council member

He works as a Botanist at Fort Ord National Monument

Bruce can be seen volunteering at Marina schools, parks, and for several Marina non-profits

He was voted Best Do-Gooder in Monterey County in 2011, 2017, and 2018 Monterey County Weekly Annual Poll

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In 2011, 2014, and 2018 Bruce was appointed by Governor of California to serve on the Central Coast Regional Water Board to help protect rivers, groundwater and sustainable agriculture

Since 2004 Bruce has served as treasurer for Everyone’s Harvest, the nonprofit that brings Marina and five other communities a weekly farmers’ market

He is chair of the Board at Monterey Regional Waste Management

Bruce has organized volunteers to clean up Lapis Road, bring you Marina's Labor Day Parade, and support Earth Day festivals

From Bruce: Thoughts of a mayor

There is plenty of joy and pain serving as mayor.

Joy of success with hundreds of hugs people give the mayor, citizens' passage of our Urban Growth Boundary, Mobile Home Rent Control, our new theater, a truly beautiful Marriott Hotel (for free to Marina!), oak tree restoration, watching the Friends of the Marina Library continue to blossom, the clean up of areas such as Lapis Rd., graffiti gone from all of our inhabited parts of Marina, years of wonderful parades and festivals, the initiation by one family's lead of Friends of Marina Parks, continued success of Marina Youth Arts, Marina Foundation, Marina in Motion, Veterans Transition Center, getting N-P-V on the 2018 ballot as citizens' initiatives, and happy children beating me at tug of war, basketball, or foot races and joyfully getting to know their mayor, seniors appreciating getting the help when they ask. These are all memories of joy that will warm my heart for years and keep me motivated, passionate, to continue volunteering for Marina as mayor and in other capacities.

Pain comes from beaucoup mean things people say and do to try to hurt or ridicule the mayor, ugly rumors, twisted accusations (which seem to peak each election campaign). Pain from other failures I hope won't be remembered as long as the joys such as failures of not finding the answer (yet) to affordable housing (outside our mobile home parks), loved citizens passing on, homeless friends moving on, developments approved far short of their original visions, losses of great amounts of money that have to be spent to fight the good fights that have to be fought instead of spending it on community benefits such as better parks, streets, or more rice and peanut butter at the teen center.

Being mayor I continue to learn about many issues and meeting all sorts of people outside my normal silo (science and biology, natural resource/wild land management) which is extremely rewarding and hopefully will keep me feeling energized and rewarded for a long time. One of the most important wisdoms I've learned as mayor is to bite my lip in the moment when unfairly disrespected or criticized. There will always be a later chance, if needed, to address these unfortunate moments but almost never does it help to add fuel to fire.

I didn't meet my first mayor until I was 30 (Arcata, CA) so I try to meet as many Marina children as possible and encourage them to consider being mayor when they're older. I tell them they have to do two things to be mayor, be nice to people and do well in school. I don't tell them I have fallen short on occasion in both those arenas but I would if they asked!

- Bruce Delgado, Mayor of Marina