Below are the current issues in Marina that Bruce is focused on. The action plans below are based on his breadth of experience and collaboration with community members. Together we can continue making Marina a prosperous, environmentally friendly, and thriving place for all people.

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Protect Our Drinking Water

Cal Am’s awful proposal to take fresh and brackish water from under Marina for their desal project will provide absolutely no new water for the citizens of Marina, and would reduce and contaminate our existing water. For the last 2 years I’ve been meeting with state and regional leaders, acting as the lead voice for Marina on this issue, authoring opinion pieces in newspapers locally and across the state to educate communities and decision makers about the irreparable harm that would be done if Cal Am is allowed to drill for water in Marina. 2019 will be a critical year to stop this illegal intrusion and I am prepared to continue to lead this fight.

New Revenue Sources

Over 1,800 Marina residents worked hard to bring you Measures N, P, and V, all valuable sources of new revenue for the community. The majority of it, 70%, will come from taxes on hotel and business visitors. The remaining 30% will come from residents (an additional 25 cents on a taxable $50 purchase). This valuable short term package will help us: 1) Bring $1 million a year to repair our streets, 2) Provide $500 thousand a year for a second fire engine crew, and 3) Contribute $500 thousand a year for sidewalks, parks and police department.

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New Businesses

Would you prefer empty barracks and a field of dirt to the new Marina theater or our award-winning Marriott Hotel? Of course not! Like progressive cities all over the country, Marina offered incentive packages to be paid back by revenues from these new businesses. The theater incentive cost the City $275 thousand and the Marriott Hotel cost the City zero because it didn't open on time. Revenues from both have far exceeded expectations. 5 new restaurants have opened (partly because of the theater/hotel) and they too provide revenue for City services.

and more…

Continue to build a safe, economically healthy and environmentally-friendly Marina.

Support cannabis businesses to generate up to $1 million in new business revenue.

With increased revenues from new theater, hotels, restaurants and other new businesses, we can:
Improve Marina streets
Add a second fire engine crew for faster response
Build a new senior center
Improve aesthetics and walkability of downtown
Build new sidewalks and beautify Del Monte Blvd.

Make progress on a new 13-mile greenway trail system that connects all Marina neighborhoods to open space

Help develop a regional desal plan through a partnership with all the Monterey Peninsula cities